Dockside Yacht Services

Dockside Yacht Services Fort Lauderdale and Fort Pierce Florida


Yacht Dockside Services

Seeking dockside services for yachts is one of the most sought after request at Taylor Lane Yacht and Ship. We have eveything you need to accomplish your goals in a timely manner. Access to our facilities is easy with deep water for any draft or size yacht. We provide:

Alongside and easy access dockage in both Dania and Fort Pierce.

Easy access for provisioning and refueling

Parking for crew and contractors

Dania Beach, FL: serving vessels up to 300' (100m) with 17' (5.6m) draft. Nautical charts report power lines over Dania Cut-Off Canal at 135’ (41.16m) above water.

Fort Pierce, FL: serving vessels up to 500' (150m) with 33' (9.3m) draft. Unobstructed open air Atlantic ocean access.

3 x 220-480 Volts 50-200 amps power transformers. Improved infrastructure for yachts out of the water.

2 x cooling towers 30 tons each.

4 x A/C ground support units, 5 tons each.

Fresh potable water along side.

Complimentary Wi-Fi for the yacht & crew.

Safe and secure with security guard and CCTV cameras throughout the property to ensure safety of the yachts, crew, contractors and the area at large.

Automatic gates for improved security for yachts & crew and to accommodate the contractors work schedule to enter & exit TLYS facilities.